The Latest: October

Are you enjoying these last weeks of daylight savings? Soon enough it will be completely dark by 5 p.m., which is always such an adjustment. I’m still trying to squeeze in as many walks after work as possible. The sunset is beautifully warm and glowy and I’m living for it.

Two new things from this month: first I regularly started taking a hair, skin, and nail vitamin everyday. I leave the bottle on my desk at work which makes it much easier to remember (they are of course gummies). But the major upside is I’ve noticed a great improvement in my skin! My intention was more for upping my biotin intake (which encourages hair growth). But I’m not upset about the skin side effect.

I also regularly started wearing blue light glasses at work. For some reason my eyes feel extra strained and the lenses seem to really help. Granted I should probably get an eye exam but they’re thankfully making a difference for now.

Have you been eating up all the pumpkin spice everything? Pumpkin Spice Lattes are my weakness. If you also regularly order them at Starbucks, here’s an insider tip: since the original version is loaded with sugar, order a normal latte, and add only a couple pumps of pumpkin. I’ve found that two pumps in a Grande and three pumps in a Venti is perfect (while the original PSL has double this amount).

Have you ever tried to make your own Pumpkin Spice Latte? If not, you have to give this recipe a try. I’ve made it several times the past few years and it’s so delicious. A little time intensive, but such a treat for guests. And if it’s just for you, you’ll have plenty left over for the week 🙂

Speaking of recipes, I plan to make these apple steel cut oats at some point soon.

I ran into this easy looking leaf mason jar craft and it would be such a cute and budget-friendly thanksgiving table addition.

I’m glad to take in as much of this season as possible, before all the craziness of the holidays begin. How are you enjoying this season?

PS – Check out my Fall To Do List for more ideas.

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